Special offer on veterinary recommended flea treatment at Chestnut Vets in Hertford and Ware.
17th September 2012
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Flea infestations have been particularly bad for pets in the last few months, so Chestnut Vets in Hertford and Ware are pleased to again offer free flea treatments. Buy a 6 pack of veterinary recommended flea treatment to get 2 pipettes free, or buy a 3 pack to get 1 pipette free! Many pet owners have been expressing concerns over controlling problems with fleas so here are a few tips on keeping them under control if you have seen fleas on your pet:

• Make sure that you vacuum the home regularly, hovering under the furniture and getting into all the nooks and crannies to remove some of the eggs, larvae and pupae from the environment. Also make sure that you empty the hover after use as the eggs can develop in the bag and escape back into the environment!

• The pupae stage of the flea cycle cannot be destroyed – the flea has to hatch out of this stage to be killed. Hovering generates vibrations to stimulate this development so that the flea can bite the pet and then be killed. Also, allowing your pet to have their usual run of the house will encourage the pupae to develop as they are stimulated by movement, warmth and carbon dioxide.

• Pupae can survive in the environment for months at a time, which is why you may continue to see fleas on your pet after it has been treated.

• Wash all pet bedding at 60°C to kill the flea eggs and larvae.

• Use a household spray to kill eggs and larvae in the home, not forgetting to spray under the furniture and in all the nooks and crannies. Also don’t forget any areas that the pet usually goes such as in the car or kennel.

• Prevention is always better than cure. Flea control needs to be maintained all year round.

If you have any more concerns about flea control, please phone Chestnut vets on 01920 468874. Veterinary recommended flea treatment is a prescription only medication. If you would like to take advantage of this offer but your pet hasn’t been seen by a vet in the past year, please phone to book a free flea check.

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