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27th May 2015
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It’s lovely to see our customers return to us with new challenges or buying new pieces from our wonderful collection of jewellery in store.

As we have a fully functioning workshop on site with two manufacturing jewellers, we are able to take on commissions for any piece you dare to dream of. We often get asked if we will use old metal or stones to create something new and our answer is a big YES!

Our customer in this story had seen a piece by a famous designer that she loved. She had pieces of her own jewellery she no longer wore and said that the desired piece was a bit too pricey. We decided that to keep her costs down we could use her own diamonds in the design and make our own version of it. We used four of her original stones and supplied one of the same colour and quality to match giving us five stones to work with.

Our customers are always aware of how much their job is going to cost and a price is discussed and agreed upon before starting any work.

Though a simple design, it is often the case that they are a bit more complicated to make for various reasons. In this case the proportions of the necklace had to be perfect and the sizes of the settings had to be consistent or it would stand out like a sore thumb!

It was a pleasure to make this necklace and see it take its form, from making the individual settings through to constructing the chain. It has given the old diamonds a new lease of life in something our customer loves to wear on a daily basis.

Sourcing stones is one of the most important services we offer, it’s free to look, touch and get a feel for what stones will look like mounted in your piece of jewellery. Whether that is matching a diamond or sourcing a ruby, your existing stones can look entirely different with some accent stones or simply put into an up to date design. It’s one of our most enjoyable processes to go through with a member of staff too.

For more information call us on: 01992 534555 or come in and visit us at Lance James Jewellers, 15 Market Place, Hertford.

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