Sentimental Reasons
31st March 2015
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I can think of worse jobs than being a Jeweller. Sourcing diamonds, forming metal and even polishing a piece can prove therapeutic but our line of work requires a sympathetic ear from time to time and a real understanding of what our customer wants and needs.

It wasn’t too long ago one of our customers came in with sad news, her husband had passed away and she wanted to wear his wedding ring despite it being far too big. She had the simple idea of joining both rings together to make one, symbolising their marriage and keeping him with her at all times. She didn’t want anything too fussy but for it to be a ring she would love and wear every day.

We started by showing her some existing designs we had in stock and then developed the idea from there. It was our customer’s decision to make sure there would also be some metal left over to make her daughter a ring too.

Once we all had a design in mind we talked her through the process of making her ring, which would mean melting down the existing rings and once that was done, there was no turning back. They would be made into one ring. Our customer had two colour metals, of two different carats so we kept them separate to make a bi-colour ring of even parts. We defined the colours with a simple groove down the centre of the ring making sure there were no visible joins.

Our customer was over the moon with the result and has since had her daughters ring made, which we got a lovely reaction to as well. The customer’s reaction is always the best part of the job, seeing a smile or even tears of happiness is what it’s all about.

Jewellery is often sentimental, whether it is valuable or not, if it means the world to our customer, its means the world to us.

All of the work on our customers ring was carried out here in store. We are able to provide lots of different services and the one we are most proud of and well known for is our bespoke service. Whether is using sentimental metals, remounting inherited stones or creating a fresh new piece to be handed down through generations to come, we cover all areas.


For more information call us on: 01992 534555 or come in and visit us at Lance James Jewellers, 15 Market Place, Hertford.

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