Run Fat Boy Run? In Hertford & Ware
3rd November 2011
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When the lovely chap in Run Fat Boy Run declared he was going to run a marathon to prove that he COULD do something that he set his mind on (and to win the heart of the lady he had jilted) he was a laughing stock amongst his peers and more than that the butt of a serious wager. Despite 'falling off the wagon' several times this man did complete his marathon and on the day it was more about bullish pride than anything else as he ended up walking the whole event due to circumstances beyond his control.


How does that relate to us? Well too often many will set a target and lose sight of it at the first hurdle. Looking for reasons not to complete the challenge.


Clocks fell back at the weekend giving the many amongst us yet another reason not to be motivated enough to get out and 'do fitness'. We've all done it before: long day at work; travelling hours; kids wound us up; nothing has gone right in the day. All perceived reasons to just collapse in a heap whenever we get the opportunity. Moods drop; goals lapse and fat collects on the hips and round the heart.


Running however does give you choices, chances and cheer! If you have ever been outside for a run then you will appreciate the sense of freedom that is associated with running. Feeling the fresh air; warm or cold rain in your face; listening to chattering of birds, or even the hum of a car  pootling past us at a million miles an hour is an escape.


Running has so many benefits! It can make your heart stronger! It improves muscular definition throughout your body. It will help you to improve your posture and thereby reduce aches and pains associated with backs. It balances moods making you feel more content and will help you to sleep more soundly. All sounds great doesn't it.


Best of all you can fit a run in anytime, anyplace, anywhere. All you need is a good pair of quality trainers, suitable kit (not fancy!) and at least half an hour. Running alone offers escapism; time for you to think. Running in a group allows you to meet likeminded people and the ability to stretch yourself a bit more.


If you are feeling more motivated and want to join us for our daytime running groups that are starting in RunHertford and RunWare then do make a connection. One hour of your time on a Monday and Wednesday at 0930am. Our 10 session pre-Christmas course will allow you to have some fun with your running during the day. Want more info then email us at

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