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17th October 2010
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This is my first time at writing a blog..........bear with me!

It's going to be about supporting The Best Of Hertford and The Best Of Ware.

I've been blown away by the dedication and passion of Rob who runs both these sites.  It's his business and you'd expect him to be involved at least, or else he wouldn't be doing it.

However, he goes way above my expectations and really takes care of my business here on The Best of Hertford and The Best Of Ware.He's a local boy and really takes pride and delight in supporting both Ware and Hertford in the businesses, events, charities and places that he promotes.


We've all been told that to do business these days we have to use social media. Thats things like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (which I thought was pronounced linky-din............). I'd agree that they are all good ways of keeping in touch with clients and friends alike. Letting them know about you and your business and keeping them up to date with events and promotions.

Some people say they get new business through these mediums and that's great news. For me though, doing business is about creating relationships with people, seeing the whites of their eyes and building up trust. I work in people's houses as a decorator and in groups and one to one with Soul Coaching®, so for people to "employ" me there has to be a great deal of trust.

With that in mind business networking has proved very successful. Breakfast meetings (wow, up and out at 7am looking reasonably smart and alert, only doable once in a while!), lunch meetings, evening meetings, even tea party networking. All that networking, when on earth do you get a chance to run the business. Oh and don't forget the rest of the time you've got to be twittering (yes I know it's really called tweeting), facebooking and linking in!!

I must say that there are few networking groups that are just fantastic, Ware To Do Business being one of them. A lovely way to meet likeminded people and build those all important relationships.

And then there is Rob..................and The Best of Hertford and Ware. With his support, one can achieve the same results with, quite honestly, little time and effort.

Rob just seems to "get" the nature of everyone's business. He takes time to get to know you and learn what it's all about. Then he expertly creates wonderful blogs, ads and feature's about it. He will be proactive in promoting your business. Just marvellous, especially when personally, I just don't have the inclination to do all that IT stuff myself.


I guess, as you are reading this, you already think The Best Of is pretty good.TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! The more people who are here, the more businesses that are here, the bigger and better it's going to be for you and your business. The better it's going to be for people looking for you and your business.


Then, in true networking styles, if we all support each other in our local businesses, who knows how amazing this could be!

To me it's an absolute no brainer and I am very proud to be here. Thank you Rob for all you do to support all things Hertford and Ware. Top Job!

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