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18th April 2010
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Hi, its Ralph here, I've managed to get onto the computer whilst Ella is snoozing so decided to write my own bestofhertford blog!

Just wanted to update you all on my weekend.  I went to work with Gemma and Ella on Saturday morning.  We had lots of walks this weekend, which is why Ella is so tired.  We had a lovely walk along the towpath to Hartham in Hertford, but Gemma finds it hard trying to keep Ella out of the river!  Hartham has brilliant open fields that are ideal for us to run around in.  The weather has been so nice, so we saw lots of other dogs out walking their owners!

Gemma managed to convince me to get a hair cut yesterday.  She did it for me, and its not something that I enjoy having done, but I must admit that I do look quite handsome now!  It feels so good without my winter coat on, and Ella thinks I smell a bit better too!

I'm planning on spending this evening relaxing on the sofa by the window (I love to watch everyone walking past).  I might even get a treat at dinner time as I've smelt some chicken cooking.

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