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11th April 2010
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Hello and welcome to thebestofhertford Doggy Blog! Written for us exclusively by Ralph and Ella!


Hi! We're Ralph (a naughty Jack Russel) and Ella (a beautiful Springer Spaniel!) We live in Ware (which is near Hertford) with our owners Gemma and Rob. We have decided to join up to thebestofhertford to tell you all what we get upto in and around Hertford, and also to find out which are the best doggy friendly businesses Hertford has to offer! If you know of any then join up and let us know please!


Well lets begin with this weekend. Seeing as the weather was so good we spent most of it out in the garden or on long walks, it was brilliant! We both love the summertime, and although we love cosying up in front of the fire as much as the next dog does during the winter, you can't beat running around in the sun!


So on Saturday we spent all day in the garden with Rob, who was finishing his shed off, and Gemma who was doing a bit of gardening. It was great because the neighbours were out in their garden as well, so we got to watch what they were upto and have a cheeky little bark at them as well! But Ralph got into trouble because he started to bark at our other neighbours dog, Jeffrey (a Dalmation)!


Then on Sunday we went on our most favourite walk ever! We went to Presdales woods which is opposite Hertford Rugby Club. We love it there because there is so much to see and do! There were loads of other dogs out walking their owners too! It was great fun, even though Ella nearly got stuck down a rabbit hole!


After all that fun and excitement, we needed a rest because we had our cousin Ernie (a Lhasa Apso) round to stay last night. He belongs to Rob's Mum and Dad, who went on holiday, so we get to play with him all week!


Right, that's all we have time for folks, Ernie's getting bored waiting for us to finish (he hasn't learnt how to touch type so we don't let him near the computer because he takes too long!), and we need to get back to that game of tuggy!


Thanks for reading, and keep checking back on thebestofhertford, because we plan to write regular doggy blogs on here! 

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We're Ralph and Ella, Ralph is the naughty Jack Russel and Ella is the beautiful Springer Spaniel.
We're writing our blog to tell everyone in Hertford what we get upto in the area!

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