Protect Your Dog On It's Walk!
2nd August 2013
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Calling all dog owners!!


Do you own a grumpy dog that is usually fine until another dog approaches it? Maybe you’ve got a puppy you’re trying to train, who hates being fussed by other dogs? Or you have a nervous or ill dog that just needs space.


There are many dogs out on our walks that are generally fine with life, but just need space from other dogs and humans.


Dog owners have a responsibility to respect those dogs, and understand that their own dogs actions can upset other dogs. Thankfully here’s a great solution to solving this problem....


Most good ideas are the simplest, and this idea is no different. Courtesy of Yellow Dog UK, there’s now a simple yellow ribbon you can tie around your dogs lead and/or collar that alerts fellow dog walkers to the fact your dog wants some space!


The idea is if your dog fits into one of these categories:

• Is a bit grumpy when around other dogs

• In season

• Is unwell

• Is in training

• Is nervous

• Is with a new home

• Is being walked by someone unsure of dogs and lacks confidence

• Has had a bad experience once in their life


Then you get your yellow ribbon from Yellow Dog UK and tie it around your dog’s collar and/or lead. Hopefully it will at least alert those familiar with the campaign to keep their dog away from yours, meaning issues are kept to a minimum.


Having owned a nervous dog myself, in the past, I know how much of a headache an over friendly dog can cause to a supposedly enjoyable dog walk. If the owners were aware of my dog’s issues then they’d keep theirs away and everyone (including the dogs) will be happy!


Yellow Dog UK is an international campaign to raise the awareness of dog owners around the world. Please visit their website here for more information on how to get your ribbon!


Thanks for reading, Rob.

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