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4th July 2016
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As a driving instructor I like to pride myself (as I am sure most instructors do) that the people we teach to drive will become safe, sensible, confident and competent drivers before they pass their driving test. However newly qualified drivers especially the younger ones are at their most vulnerable at this time.

The DVSA and all the major driving organisations recommend newly qualified drivers take the PassPlus course which is a minimum 6 hours tuition, includes motorway, bad weather and night driving and is assessment based.  The average cost of a PassPlus course is between £150 - £180 but can easily be recouped from the money you can save on car insurance having completed the course. If you want to know more or would like to know which car insurance companies participate in the scheme or would like to know how to find a driving instructor qualified to deliver the course click on the link below or call us at Pelican School of Motoring.

In my opinion, after 25 years as a fully qualified driving instructor is that young drivers are aware of the risks involved with driving but because of their age and lack of experience they often do not appreciate the consequences of those risks. 

For further help or advice call 01992 589783 and ask for Steve.

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