Part 2 of Hertford girl, Lyndsey Ollard's incredible musical journey.
10th December 2011
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We pick up once again with Lyndsey Ollard, the Hertford girl who’s going global with her music career!  On New Year ’s Eve Lyndsey will perform at the world famous Glebe Island NYE Party in Sydney Australia, supporting acts such as Jamiroquai, Pet Shop Boys and Culture Club.

In part 1 of this blog series we outlined Lyndsey’s life including being part of girl group, Blush.  So now we look at the renaissance in Lyndsey’s musical career.

In 2005 Lyndsey decided to leave UK behind and head for Australia.  Not really knowing how long she was meant to go for, or if she was coming back even, Lyndsey knew she needed to get away from her life in Hertford.

“I absolutely loved Australia from the moment I got there.  I didn’t care what I would be doing when there I just wanted to forget my life in the UK.”

Doing mainly bar work up and down the east coast, Lyndsey threw herself into her new bohemian lifestyle until fate introduced her to a contact in Byron Bay that would change her life.

“I was in Byron Bay which is an incredibly beautiful part of Australia and I was working in a bar called The Balcony.  Although I didn’t have the best experience of music in the UK it was still a big part of my life so I performed as often as I could in Aus because I simply love doing it.  One of the things I love about music is its ‘open for all’ mentality, so I hosted an open mic night at the Beach Hotel.  This came about from getting up on stage one night and performing with the band.  We’d get plenty of regulars in there performing and a small community was born out of music.”

Whilst in Byron Bay in 2007 Lyndsey went for a receptionist job at the world famous creative school, Sound Audio Engineering which has 52 schools worldwide.  Just one month later a drummer who was a regular at the open mic night noticed Lyndsey working the reception at SAE and went straight to the owner, Tom and told him that he had to get Lyndsey into a studio to listen to her voice. 

“It was surreal, Tom came rushing into reception, grabbed me by the arm and led me into a studio and I performed for him!  From that point onwards it was an absolute whirlwind, Tom literally took me under his wing and has held my hand throughout the last few years, he’s organised gigs, albums and recording time for me and I can’t thank him enough.  We both trust each other implicitly which I think is the main reason behind Tom’s dedication to my career.”


Of course it’s not all plain sailing and from the moment things had really started to look on the up Lyndsey suddenly had to make an incredibly hard decision which would affect her life forever......
To continue the story about Hertford girl, Lyndsey Ollard’s fascinating musical story please check back soon for the final part in this blog series.


In the meantime check out Lyndsey’s single and video, Liar by clicking here.

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