Parallel parking made easy
31st August 2015
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Of the four manoeuvres a learner driver has to master parallel parking always seems to cause the most concern, so if you are struggling why not try this four step technique. 

Success will very much depend on you moving the car very slowly (good clutch control) and steering quickly. Also angle the left door mirror down so you can see the nearside rear wheel.

  1. Pull alongside the parked (object) vehicle parallel with it and about three feet away. Line up the left door mirror with the right door mirror of the object vehicle. If the object vehicle is parked the opposite way round then line up the back of your car with the front of object vehicle.
  2. Move off and steer one turn left (360 degrees) so the steering wheel will appear to be in the same position and keep going until the left door mirror is level with the back (or front) of the object vehicle. You should now have achieved an angle of about 45 degrees to the kerb (an ideal angle to get into any space) steer one turn right to straighten the wheels and stop. You have now achieved part one of the manoeuvre.

  3. Move off again (no steering) until your left door mirror is in a line with the right door mirror of the object vehicle, now look in the left door mirror which you angled down and check that the nearside rear wheel is about two feet from the kerb and stop.
  4. Move off again and steer full right lock and keep moving back until you can see in the left door mirror that the car is parallel with the kerb then steer quickly one and a half turns left to straighten the wheels and stop. Put the handbrake on, move gear lever to neutral and reset door mirror to normal position. You have now completed the manoeuvre. 

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