On the back of Boris's announcement...
2nd November 2020
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Yes, what’s happening is completely shit.
But like it or not, it’s happening.
And we can either whinge and whine, or we can rise to the challenge.
Despite all the restrictions that Boris announced on Saturday, you have a lot more say than you realise about what happens next in your story.
And your story is the only one that matters.
Right now, today, this week, this month, is your time.
It might not feel like it – but it is.
This is your moment to control the ‘controllables’.
I know it won’t be easy.
But you can rise to this challenge. You can find a way through; a way that actually strengthens your business.
Here are six steps that you could (and should!) take:
1. Take the money💰
Think carefully about the options available to you. Use it if it’s sensible to do so!
2. Don’t go silent 😶
This is not the time to go quiet on your customers. They need to hear from you. And your messages need to be positive.
Don’t fuel the misery train and definitely don’t put out ‘We’re now closed due to Lockdown’ bollocks that everyone else will be doing!
3. Think creatively 💡
For instance, the new rules say that ‘non-essential retail can remain open for delivery customers and click-and-collect’.
Now that’s going to present challenges but it’s also a great opportunity to put out super-positive messages about ‘supporting the little guy’. 
4. Marketing is NOT a non-essential spend 📣
If you shut down your activity here you’re effectively giving in. The lockdown is going to mean more people browsing online, with more time to look, watch and consume.
And remember, doing business without marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does… You’ve got to keep the out-reach going.
5. Be in front of your customers as often as possible...✔️
Many are going to be stuck at home and consumption (of your messages) will lead to sales.
6. Skill 🆙
Use this time to do the things you KNOW you need to do.
  • Get your marketing sorted
  • Get your 'knowledge centre' sorted
  • Fix your Google My Business
  • Sort LinkedIn and then use it properly
  • Get re-marketing set up
Look, I’m not pretending that the next few weeks are going to be anything other than hard.
And it’s likely that the pain will continue beyond the end of November.
That’s just how it is – and you don’t have any say over that.
But you (still) have way more control over what happens to your business than you realise.
You are not alone – and we here at thebestof Hertford and Ware are here to help.
Just reach out!
There’s so much support here for you.
You’re not alone – and together you can – and will – prevail.
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