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19th August 2013
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What is the purpose of a good accountant? To save as much tax as possible (always a nice thing to do!)? To fill out the boring and complicated forms that tax returns inevitably bring? To take control of your bookkeeping, meaning your time is saved to actually get on with business?


Or is it to do all of the above, and offer you unrivalled business support?


You see, hiring an accountant, or in fact an accountant you can trust, is much more than a tax saving decision. It’s about finding which accountant suits you, your business and the way you run it.


A great accountant will want to meet with you regularly to discuss what direction your business is heading. Is it earning money? How much more turnover does it need to get a certain amount of profit? Is the marketing spend you’re making bringing in the return it should? How much time are you actually spending on getting new business in as opposed to doing the work? Are you retaining customers well, or are you losing them as quickly as you’re gaining them?


These are all questions us business owners should be asking of ourselves all of the time. But it’s hard to keep scrutinizing ourselves when there’s work to be done. So a good local accountant is important to have at your disposal.


The term local accountant is important. There are lots of cheap nationwide accountants available, but they don’t have the local touch. There will be a call centre to battle through before you get to speak to anyone meaningful, there will also be either none or hardly any face to face interaction with your accountant either.


So if you’re a Hertford based business, then it’s really important to find an accountant in Hertford you can trust.


We have two great accountants here on The Best Of Hertford that are both local and both hold extremely good reputations. KAP Accountancy and Leggate Associates are great accountants and have been serving Hertford businesses for years, so give them a call today to see what they can do for your business!


Thanks for reading, and keep it local!

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