National Adoption Week 2012 - Could You Make a Difference?
6th November 2012
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Did you know it’s National Adoption Week? Until the 11th November 2012 adoption will be in the news a lot highlighting the plights of the children in care and the hoops parents have to jump through to be approved as adopters.


Adoption is a long drawn out process which serves its purpose by ensuring that every parent approved is the best possible candidate for adopting children with specific needs and requirements. And while it may seem needlessly long and harsh, it’s there for a reason, and it works.


Personally, I’ve seen how the adoption process works recently and the hard work from local social services is really a testament to how well the system works.


Adoption gets a lot of bad press with how long it takes etc, but these children need the very best possible type of people to look after them and the lengthy process serves them well in the long run.


Anyone can adopt, it’s not exclusively for those who can’t have their own children, or same sex couples or older people who want another chance at parenthood. Adoption is there for anyone who wants to experience the love and fulfilment parenthood brings. Every child in the process needs a loving and kind family to protect them for good. The rewards are vast and the improvements that adopted children experience over time can seem incredible, and those improvements are because of the parents who take the leap to adopt.


The local council run regular open evenings in Stevenage which answer all questions potential adopters may have. The evenings are informal and friendly affairs which definitely open the eyes to what adopting is really about. For more information about this special thing to do, please visit this link to the national adoption week website.


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