Moving Much Loved Plants to a New Home
3rd October 2018
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From tulips to mature magnolia trees, more and more people are asking us to transport their treasured plants when they move home.

This is often more difficult as it sounds, as plants don’t respond well to being shifted to new environments. This is why we always work closely with our clients to make sure their shrubs and seedlings receive the best possible care.

Decision time
Ask yourself if it is really worth the time and trouble to move the plant. Weigh up your personal feelings and whether or not you can live without it. Obviously, climate is important so consider if your new garden’s aspect and soil type suit your plant.

Is it summer or winter? The time of year can have a massive effect on the survival chances of your plant. Late autumn through to early spring is regarded as the best moving time as most plants are dormant and the climate is mild and wet. Where possible, avoid heatwaves or freezing conditions.

Moving method
Don’t be surprised if your removal company refuses to transport plants, unless it is only a short distance. Many firms don’t like the idea of messy plant pots sharing space with furniture and fragile paintings.

Here at Your Man With A Van, we specialise in transporting fragile and unusual items so plants pose no problem for our friendly and experienced team. 

Be prepared
Always prepare your plants for their journey by ensuring they have been well watered and fed in the days leading up to the move. It is not ideal to transport plants which have just been heavily watered as the soil can shift in the pot, causing a mess.

When digging up garden plants, try to preserve as much of the root system as possible. Cover the root ball in plastic film, and then water regularly up until the morning of the move. For larger plants, it may be necessary to add stakes for support. Remove any dead foliage or sharp branches.

Clay pots can break in transit, so we advise that you put your plants in strong plastic containers a few weeks before the move.

Light is another consideration, so move your plants to shady areas in the weeks leading up to the move. This will mean they won’t get a complete shock when they spend time in the removal van.

Finally, the time spent in transit is crucial, so we advise loading the plants at the last possible moment and then unloading them as soon as they arrive at your new home. Once unloaded, water the plants and leave them in areas similar to your old home, avoiding direct sunlight until they’ve recovered.

To discuss your next move, call Your Man With A Van today on 01992 239191, email or visit 

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