Mental Health Awareness Week
24th May 2012
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 Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from 21st until 27th May, highlights the incidence of mental health problems, with 1 in 4 people experiencing some form of this.  The Mental Health Foundation shows the most common mental disorder in Britain to be mixed anxiety, with about 10% of children having a mental health problem at any one time and depression affecting 1 in 5 older people.  These figures are really quite alarming and make you consider your own mental health, and that of your family and friends.
Common behaviours of people with mental health problems can include self-harm, suicidal thoughts and panic attacks.  These, and many other behaviours, can be caused by any number of happenings in a person’s life, such as physical health problems, social problems, stressful life events and difficult family background.

During our normal day to day lives, we are constantly subjected to mental and emotional pressures, such as fear of the future, financial worries, competition in the work-place and disintegrating family relationships.  At times we may experience sudden violent emotions, such as anger or shock, or we undergo milder but on-going forms of mental strain, e.g. anxiety, depression and resentment.  We may become aware of the physical effect of mental/emotional pressures, as the diaphragm, jaw, neck and shoulders tighten in a defensive posture, to armour us against the onslaught of life's stresses.

Our thoughts can have a powerful impact on the body too. Science has confirmed that the mind-body connection is now a physical reality – thoughts and emotions have an impact on our biochemistry.  In time these become locked into our physical structures as body stress resulting in constriction and compression and further deterioration in the ability to cope.
Because of this connection between the mind-body, working on the body can in fact release the mind simultaneously leading to numerous benefits, which is where Body Stress Release can have a huge impact.

Here is a classic case history:
"When I first came to see my Body Stress Release Practitioner, I was tired, run-down and felt very stressed. I was having trouble sleeping, rarely felt refreshed on waking in the morning and was suffering from frequent anxiety attacks particularly in the mornings. My legs felt heavy, my back felt stiff and achy and my neck and shoulders were tense. As she worked on me I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders. I went home, slept soundly and woke the next day feeling refreshed. By the third appointment, my back was feeling much better and my legs were no longer ‘heavy’ although my shoulders were still intermittently tight. I was also sleeping much better and rarely felt anxious in the mornings. Eight weeks down the line (and after 5 appointments) I felt physically great and had good energy levels despite a heavy workload. I genuinely feel that BSR was invaluable in helping me through a very stressful period of my life and I will continue to have regular ‘tune-up’ sessions."
Male college lecturer, aged 42

The positive behavioural changes seen after a few sessions of Body Stress Release are so beneficial in reducing the stress on the mind.  These changes include:
Reduction and control of worry, anxiety, tearfulness, irritability and panic attacks
Increase in humour and the ability to laugh a lot more
Renewed mental energy and enthusiasm
Enhanced and renewed creativity
Improved focus, concentration and memory
Prioritization of the importance of selected tasks
Achieving more in less time and an improvement in time management skills
Increase in patience and resilience
Improvement in mental health/attitude leading to changes in family and business dynamics
Improved family and working relationships
Positive changes in behaviour and attitude in all ages, especially children
Sense of wellbeing
Sense of lightness of being

To find out more about Body Stress Release and the positive impact it can have on the body and mind, take a look on the bestofHertford business directory, along with the glowing testimonials!

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week, Charlotte at Body Stress Release is offering 40% off the first Body Stress Release session throughout the rest of May!  So if you feel that this blog affects you, or someone that you know, give Charlotte a call on 01920 460458 to book a session at Body Stress Release.

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