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31st March 2014
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Three great tips that I like to share are these:

1. Test your business.

2. Test your business.

3. Test your business.

OK, itâs only one tip really but it's so important that it's worth saying three times!

When we're in our businesses all the time, we fail to see the things that the customers see.  We become 'snow blind' to the problem.  Our work tells us that one of the main culprits is the way businesses handle their telephone procedures.  

I was reminded of this very recently when we did some work with some retail outlets.  Part of our brief was to ring the businesses after hours to see how well they handled these calls - did they have an enthusiastic answer phone message that gave you the confidence you'd gotten through to the right number, could you leave a message for them and was there a commitment to call you back very soon.

In one case, the business had a brilliant answer phone message but alas, their mailbox was full and callers couldn't leave a message.  The owner hadn't checked the answer phone for a few days!  How much business had been lost, one wonders? Test your business!

In another case, the call was answered by a standard BT 1571 message.  One could leave a message but it's not very confidence-inspiring as the caller doesn't know if they have reached the business or not.  Would you leave a message?  The Manager had been in situ for a year but had never listened to the message.  Test your business!

And in the final case I'll share, when we rang the number advertised on the business' website, yes, you've guessed it: the business owner was just getting in the bath and asked us to call back in the morning! Test your business!


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