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2nd December 2015
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The golden rule when reversing is to look in the direction you are going. You would not drive forwards looking through the rear screen. 

Many times I have seen drivers manoeuvring using just mirrors and making errors. For any manoeuvring you should make an all-round 360 degree observation before starting and continue looking around so you are aware of what is happening around you. You could also use your mirrors but you should only use them for reference, e.g. distance from the kerb or a parked vehicle. 

Turn in the road (see picture 1)

You should not use mirrors at all with this manoeuvre. When moving off from A, B & C start by looking over your left shoulder then turn and look over you right shoulder completing a 360 degree observation.

Reverse round a corner to the left (see picture 2)

  1. Check mirrors and blindspots
  2. Look in to the side road, making sure it is clear.
  3. A 360 degree observation and check over right shoulder.
  4. Look over your shoulder again, check road still clear.
  5. Check mirrors and look over left shoulder.
  6. Check to the right.
  7. Look over left shoulder.

Parallel parking (see picture 3)

  1. Check mirrors.
  2. Look over left shoulder turn 360 degrees until looking over right shoulder.
  3. Turn and look over left shoulder.
  4. Continue to look over left shoulder and check in left door mirror.
  5. Recheck over right shoulder and recheck in left door mirror.
  6. Look over left shoulder.


PLEASE NOTE: All the above just gives advice on where to look and does not include advice on what to do should you encounter other road users whilst completing the manoeuvre.

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