Life Expectancy Goes Down 1 Year For Every Stop On The Jubilee Line - Find Out Why
9th June 2011
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There was an interesting debate on LBC FM this morning that relates heavily to one of the businesses on The Best Of Hertford.
The debate discussed life expectancy in this country and the correlation between middle and working class people.  It’s stated that middle class citizens in the UK live approximately 10 years longer than working class citizens.
That’s a shocking statistic.  In fact what was more shocking was the research done in 2007 which unearthed that for every stop on the Jubilee Line from Westminster to Canning Town life expectancy for that location went down by a year.  It’s hard to believe that in this day and age a gulf that big is still apparent.


As the discussion went on with callers phoning in and offering their view on why there was this gulf, one trend became apparent.  Wellness and Wellbeing.  Apart from the usual, bad diet, over worked reasons, anxiety was the main reason that kept cropping up.


We live in times when the constant worry of redundancy, money, inflation are hanging over our heads.  Will we manage the mortgage next month?  Should we risk a holiday this summer?  Can we afford to buy our children what they want for Christmas?  All of these questions present rising worry and anxiety within ourselves.  Over time this anxiety leads to stress which can lead to bad health.  It’s not a mystery that being stressed is linked to ill health.

When an individual is constantly working long hours to make ends meet, and in their spare time worry about how they will pay the bills what happens is a sense of worthlessness begins to build.  It’s hard to change that mindset once it takes hold.

But there are things that people can do to make the positive change!

Meditation is one the best forms of relieving anxiety within the body.  It gives the opportunity to be still and mindful for a period of time.  You know the old saying – a healthy mind is a healthy body!  Barbara from 4 Elements Global runs weekly meditation groups in Ware which can help relax and re-energise anyone.


To find out more, please call Barbara on 01920 484087 or visit her feature on The Best Of Hertford.


But to deal with deep-set forms of anxiety, then perhaps The CBT Partnership can help.  The CBT Partnership (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) who are based in Hertford town centre run regular mindfulness groups which deal specifically with the wellness and wellbeing of individuals who suffer from anxiety.  Sometimes people don’t know whether they suffer from anxiety, The CBT Partnership in Hertford can ensure that a consultation will help decide whether a group therapy session is the key to helping that person.

If anxiety is something that affects yourself or a member of your family then there is help available, locally, by experts.  Give them a call on 01992 827076 or visit their feature on The Best Of Hertford


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