Lemon squeezers and your customer journey
5th November 2018
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I've got a new lemon squeezer and I'm very excited about it. You see, I like my cup of hot lemon tea to start my day, and it's so much easier and nicer to prepare with the new lemon squeezer. Who would have thought?

My new lemon squeezer has a gearing mechanism so it requires much less force. It also, allegedly, extracts 20% more juice. It came from Ocado, cost £20 and has made me very happy :-)

This isn't the first time I've waxed lyrical about an everyday kitchen appliance! Recently, upon return from a holiday cottage in Devon I was pining for a similar garlic press to the one we had in Devon to be acquired for our kitchen at home.

It seems that everyday items that do simple straightforward things can be made better and improved. In marketing speak, we call it the customer journey. The new lemon squeezer is better, different, more remarkable than the old model. Ditto for dealing with garlic.

If consumers can talk about and discuss such mundane things (and believe me, I do - all my friends know about the new squeezer) then what scope is there with the far more interesting and exciting stuff that we do in our businesses?

That's why your customer journey is so important. Most business owners give it little thought and no time. But those that do can reap significant rewards. Helping you focus on your customer journey is just one the things we focus on at thebestof Hertford and Ware.

The outcome will be customers talking about your products or services as if they were radical new lemon squeezers. It's the stuff that dreams are made of...

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