Gaining possession of your property is just about to get a little bit harder
28th September 2015
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If you're a landlord in Hertford or Ware, then you need to be aware that on 1st October certain elements of the Deregulation Act 2015 come into force, which will make it harder for you to serve a S21 notice on your tenants. All S21 notices will, from 1st October, have a lifespan of six months only, meaning that you can no longer serve a 'just in case' S21 notice immediately after the tenancy starts. You will also have to wait for a period of four months from the start of the tenancy before being able to serve a S21 notice.

The apparent problem of retaliatory evictions is also being addressed. From 1st October landlords will be prevented from serving a S21 notice if a tenant has complained in writing about the condition of the property, or common parts, and the landlord has not responded, or has provided an inadequate response. The theory being that tenants will now feel safer in complaining about a property, without fear of being evicted in retaliation. 

If you need any help with serving notices on your tenants, speak to Jan or David on 01992 308181. 

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