Keeping your pet calm during the fireworks season.
18th October 2011
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Have you seen the recent adverts about Adaptil and Feliway products?  Produced to help dogs and cats feel calmer during times of stress, Adaptil and Feliway are perfect to use in the run up to the fireworks season.  The products help to comfort and reassure your pet, to help them cope with the stresses of fireworks.
Adaptil works by releasing a copy of the natural dog appeasing pheromone (naturally released by the mother when feeding her puppies, making the puppies feel safe and reassured).  Adaptil comes in a plug in form for use in the home, a spray form and in the form of a collar.  The Adaptil product should be used from one to two weeks before the start of the fireworks season, until the fireworks have finished.
Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, produced to help cats feel secure at times of stress.  Feliway comes in a plug in form or a spray form, to help reduce and prevent stress related behavioural problems, such as scratching and spraying.
For more advice about keeping your pet calm during the fireworks season, call The Chestnut Veterinary Group on 01920 468874.

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