Keeping you and your household safe
1st October 2021
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We are always been asked, ”How easy it to get into someone’s house?”
Well, the answer is VERY easy … if you know how and are given the opportunity.

You see most break in are ones of opportunity rather than planning, So I’ve done a list of things to help you keep you and your possessions safe.

  1. Lock your door when you go out or go to bed at night. This may seem like an obvious thing however you will be surprised the amount of people that just close the door and think that locked up safe at night.  The truth is you need to turn the key in the door to lock your door, be it a uPVC door, lift the handle and turn the key. If it’s a wooden door with two locks then lock them both otherwise your insurance could be invalid.
  2. Keep bins and anything that may be easy to climb on to to get over your fence out of the way from potential people using it to gain access. If you can keep bins inside your garden not outside, then even better.
  3. Use devices such as a ring doorbell, spot lights or security cameras fixed to the outside of the house to warn potential would be burglars that they are being recorded.
  4. Don’t post pictures of your holiday or days out until after you have returned home as this lets people know that you are away, as you don’t know who is sharing your pictures and Facebook posts that are friends of friends.
  5. Always keep windows locks if you are not in or you’re on holiday. Sounds obvious but do you, do it?
  6. Use timing switches on lamps and lights in order to make your house look like it is occupied during the day or at the nighttime especially as now it’s getting darker in the evenings and winter is coming perhaps leave a radio on or the television playing in the background all these things to turn would be burglars.
  7. If you’re going away ask neighbours to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour at your door.
  8. Most importantly use common sense. If your house looks vulnerable then it probably is.

The idea is to put doubt into potential burglar’s minds and so they move on and ignore your house.

Hope this helps someone. Keep safe.

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