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1st December 2014
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1. Use the right amount of paper: measure, measure, measure!  If you use too much, you will have too much to fold in.  Let’s assume your present is in a box; put the present square on the paper and pull the paper up on the sides. You want it to come to about half way up, no more and definitely no less.

2. Unless you want to show off your origami skills, keep the joint at the edge of the box and use clear tape to seal it. 

3. Fold in the sides starting with the top part, then the sides and then pulling up the bottom flap.  Make sure you keep everything taught as you go.  

4. And that’s it, your present is wrapped!

I know, I know, you might at this point want to add a little decoration, show off your creativity, but the thought of using a ribbon makes you feel a bit funny. Don’t worry, here is what you need to do:

Start at the top of your box and keeping the ribbon flat against the box, wrap it round.  You will then need to cross the ribbons over and keeping the ribbon flat again wrap it round the other way.  Make sure you always work with the longest part of the ribbon.  Once you have wrapped it round, make it pass over and then under the cross you created earlier.  You can now tie it. 

If you are using a fabric ribbon you can tie it into a bow and if you are using a paper ribbon you can create curls to finish it off:  simply use the flat blade of a knife and run it the length of the ribbon.

A simple bow attached to a pretty gift tag and placed in one of the corners of the present can be just as effective, or you could use kraft paper, coloured ribbons and Christmas inspired embellishments to make your present stand out under the tree.

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