How’s your immune system?
30th August 2021
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Hello! How has your summer been? I hope you’ve enjoyed some sun, maybe sand and sea? Fresh air, outdoor exercise and more social activities have been great. As many of you know, I was hooked on the Olympics. Now I’m hooked on the Paralympics and cheering everyone on for all I’m worth!

It occurred to me that Olympic and Paralympic athletes have had to resort to some highly inventive ways to train and stay fit. They’ve also had to distance themselves from others as we have. So, we’ve all been doing our best to avoid bugs and viruses. What happens to our immune responses as we all get back together again?

Please indulge me and think about the following questions and how they apply to you. (My answers fall far short of the ideal!)

  • Is your diet as balanced and healthy as it should be? (Or have you resorted to too much ‘comfort food’?)
  • How confident do you feel about mixing with crowds of people you don’t know, indoors or outdoors?
  • Do you feel that your body can cope well with the usual winter bugs we’re told to expect again before too long?
  • Do you believe you’re getting adequate nutrition from your diet to keep your immune system strong?

Some concerns you may have seen on the news:

  1. CoVID19 cases are still rising, but at least not as badly as was feared.
  2. We have the usual flu and norovirus to look forward to this winter.
  3. As autumn comes and we spend more time indoors, bugs will find it easier to spread.
  4. As we’ve spent many months social distancing, we haven’t been able to build as much resistance to bugs as we would normally expect ahead of winter.

Not trying to scaremonger! There’s still time to give your immune system a boost!
There’s plenty of good advice available about healthy diets and fitness. So, if you want to try something new or get back into something you used to do that made you feel more healthy, maybe now’s a good time.

I’m just going to flag up some ideas on nutritional supplements designed to help strengthen our immune systems. If you feel that’s something you’d like to explore, please read on and contact me if you feel I can help.


The usual ‘health warning’

Nutritional supplements do not replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. They’re there to help your body when your body needs help to get back on track. Please check the ingredients to make sure they do not contain anything to which you’re known to be allergic or intolerant. Please also be aware that some supplements should not be taken with certain medication.

Here are some well tried and tested supplements from FM World’s Nutricode range. The full range can be viewed online at BP’s catalogue part 1.

Colostrum Extra Immunity
Ingredients include first cow’s milk and spirulina extracted from sea algae to support the function of the immune system. (Page 90).
RRP £60 for 30 day supply.

Immune-Up Elixir
Formula enriched with vitamin C and zinc to help strengthen the immune system. (Page 85).
RRP £32 for 30 day supply.

VIT-C Powder
Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, 1 gram of this high quality powder dissolved in water meets the body’s vitamin C needs for the day. Vitamin C supports many of the body’s functions, including the immune system. (Page 86).
RRP £31 for 500g.

Vitamin C sourced from Acerola, the Barbados cherry, which has 30 x more vitamin C than a lemon! With added zinc to help support the immune system. (Page 106).
RRP £19 for 30 day system.

VIT-D3 Drops
If there’s one supplement which receives widespread support from the health advisers we’ve seen on the news recently, it’s vitamin D. Normally absorbed from natural sunlight, vitamin D helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones, as well as supporting the immune system. As we go into winter and are exposed to much less sunlight, VIT-D3 Drops can help both children and adults boost their vitamin D levels. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. (Page 87).
RRP £30 for 10ml.

Like to place an order?
If you’ve seen something you’d like to order (including any of FM’s other products in catalogues part 1 or 2) please let me know. Any order totalling £60 or more placed directly with me will be delivered free of charge up to 30th September 2021. (T&C apply – please ask for details).

If you’d prefer to order independently through my webshop at please do so, but normal webshop terms apply.

Of course, you can still opt to save money by joining our ‘shopping club’. Just click the ‘JOIN US’ button, fill in your details and benefit from Business Partner prices, plus special introductory offers.

For further details on any of these options, please contact me at I’d love to hear from you.

If our fabulous GB Paralympians beat their Rio medal total of 147, I’ll offer a bonus product on each order of £60 or more placed directly with me.

Wishing you fun and good health!

Pam Charman

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