How to keep your pet happy and stress free during Fireworks displays in Hertford
25th October 2010
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The fireworks season is almost upon us here in Hertford and this can provide a very worrying time for both you and your pet.  It is important to be prepared in advance if you have a pet that is distressed by the firework season.  There are many things to consider that could help your pet to feel more settled at this time, plus there are a few products available that may be able to help.

The loud bangs and flashes can often cause dogs and cats to hide away and show signs of distress such as shaking, panting and salivating.  If this is the case, there are a number of different things that you can do to make your pet feel more secure in the home:-

Provide a secure 'den' for your dog to hide away within the home.  This needs to be somewhere that your dog feels safe and will want to spend time.  An ideal place is an under-stairs cupboard door left open, or an indoor kennel with blankets over the top and inside.

Close the curtains and turn the TV or radio on to mask the bangs.

Do not comfort your dog during fireworks displays in Hertford.  This will only reassure their worries and make them think that you are also concerned. Stay calm, act normally and don't over-fuss them.

Keep cats inside in the evenings.

Exercise your dog during the day and let them out to the toilet before any fireworks start.

Fears of fireworks often gets worse and can lead to behavioural problems. Behaviour therapy, including noise desensitisation, is often successful at changing the response to fireworks and other loud noises.  

Make use of Feliway or DAP pheromones (available in a spray or plug in form, providing a synthetic copy of natural appeasing pheromones to help support pets in stressful situations) and Zylkene to help your pet feel more secure.  Ask at Chestnut Vets in Hertford and Ware on 01920 468874 for more information and advice.




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