How to get business from business networking
1st August 2016
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Would you do business with somebody you don't trust, or don't like, or even know? Probably not. There, in a nutshell, is the answer to getting business from business networking events. Instead of telling people how wonderful your product or service is, and then wondering why nobody bought from you, try focusing on the person you're talking to. Instead of trying to be interesting, try being interested. Business networking is about building long term relationships with people, not trying to sell stuff to them at the first meeting. Networking should feel like an 'organic' and natural way of doing business. 

If you don't show any interest in the person you're talking to then don't be surprised if they're not interested in you or your business. The best approach is to think, “How can I help the person I'm talking to, or who do I know who might be a good contact for them?” Do that and you won't need to worry about getting business – it will come to you naturally, given time. That's because people will appreciate you doing something nice for them far more than you telling them all about yourself, and you will be in the front of their mind the next time they, or any of their friends, need what you're selling. 

So take the time to get to know, like and trust your fellow local business owners, and give them the time to know, like and trust you in return. Give first, to receive. Trust us, it will pay dividends.  

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