How to battle stress in Hertford
13th October 2010
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Join some of the finest holistic and alternative specialists that Hertford and Ware have to offer as part of National Stress Awareness Day ( NSAD ) which takes place on the 3rd November nationwide.


Stress is unfortunately a growing part of modern day life for many of us.  Be it work issues, money worries or family problems, stress takes its toll in many forms.


The bottom line is though, that stress is unhealthy, both for the mind and of course the body.  Stress can lead to numerous aches and pains throughout the body, and this trend can be reversed when an individual is in continuous pain, maybe through back and joint pain or migraines for example.  It's important to realise that heightened pressure at work and home can lead to stress of the mind, which can quite easily lead onto a rise in bloodpressure which as we all know is not a good route to go down.


But what can us the people of Hertford do to combat this tidal wave of stress!  Go on holiday maybe!  While that's always a good and welcome start, it unfortunately can't be maintained throughout the year.  But for the next few weeks a group of Hertford and Ware based business women are getting together to provide the people of Hertford and the surrounding area a welcome break from the stress in their lives.


You can experience meditation every Friday at the Aware Yoga Centre from 7.30pm with Barbara Murrell of 4 Elements Global and experience the ultimate in relaxation for an hour with her friendly and popular class.

Visit or call Barbara on 0771 021 7110, or click the above link to view her thebestof Hertford feature.


Maybe you could try some Hatha Yoga with Suzy Jowitt.  Suzy runs numerous classes around Hertford and the surrounding area, so there is sure to be one for your needs.

Vist or call her on 07706 100971 for more info.


How about Body Control Pilates with Christine Austine, and get loose!

Visit or call Christine on 07944 396 901.


Try a relatively new and radical approach to body pain management with some Body Stress Release courtesy of Ware based Charlotte Richardson-Knott and Hertford based Therese Marais.  Body Stress Release works!  It's one of the top 3 pain therapies in South Africa and is widely regarded as a perfect alternative to physio etc.

Visit or call Charlotte on 01920 460458 or Therese on 0774 6189077.


Possibly it's what you're eating that's causing that unwanted stress, if so or maybe if you're thinking of a change in diet, then call Alison Sheldrick of Nutritional Health Solutions.  Alison's knowledge of diet and what the body needs to stay healthy is second to none.

Visit or call Alison on 07790 745769.


Finally we all know how important it is to stay fit and no doubt have invested in expensive gym memberships which go unused!  Well try some personal training.  It's inexpensive and the results are achieved much quicker and with a great deal of fun involved too!  So try eKuiLibriuM and see what Kimberley and Larry Mangelshot can do for your fitness.  They also run regular group bootcamps every Monday and Saturday morning at Foxholes Farm.

Visit or call 0844 6697660 for more details.


Alternatively for more gym based personal training try thebestof Hertford recommended businesses Motiv 8 Personal Training or perhaps Bond Fitness.  Both are based on the Hertford / Ware border and both one our special 'bestof' testimonial award last month.  They have gathered well over 5 positive testiomials from their very happy clients!


So to battle those stress levels in the Hertford area visit one the specialists above and see what a difference to your life they can make. 

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