How do I know it's a mini-roundabout?
30th June 2015
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You should apply the same rule to mini roundabouts as normal roundabouts, give way to traffic from the right. However I have noticed over the years that learner drivers especially in the early stages will stop unnecessarily at mini roundabouts even though it is clear for them to continue. So the question is why? Are they being hesitant? Are they not sure of the rules? Or maybe they do not feel confident enough with the controls of the car?

Having talked to many pupils about this I have concluded that in most cases the answer is a lack of knowledge and poor observation. As they approach the mini roundabout they can see the junction ahead but what they actually observe is just a road to the left and one to the right, they fail to take note of  road signs and road markings and stop because they think it is a T junction. What now happens is we wait at the junction even if the road to the right is clear because we have traffic on our left, so because they think it is a T junction they give way to traffic on the main road (both directions). This also confuses drivers of vehicles on our left who are wondering why we are not moving.

So the answer is better knowledge of the Highway Code and better observation of road signs and markings.

Some things to remember:

  • The give way line at a T junction is a double broken white line.

  • The give way line at a roundabout is a single broken white line.

  • The give way line at a mini roundabout is a single broken white line but the lines are much thicker and the gaps smaller.

  • The mini roundabout sign (pictured below) is quite distinctive and is always positioned at the roundabout. So now you should know that not only are you approaching a mini roundabout but also where it is.

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