Hertford Marketing & Advertising Tips Part 2
5th November 2013
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Welcome to part 2 of our latest blog series….Hertford Marketing & Advertising Tips!


This blog is about something that’s made Amazon the dominating retail force in the world (well one of the reasons anyway!)


It’s about reviews, and why businesses no matter how small should be collect them in abundance! There’s no better person to sell your business than your customers. Their opinion of you counts when it comes to new customers using your services and products, so ask them for a review!


Not only will you begin to collect a glowing bank of good reviews, but also it looks good in your customer’s eyes. Asking them to fill something out, looks like you care about their opinion and custom, it also shows you’re willing to make changes based on your customers experiences.


So, after collecting your customers reviews, how do you tell people who aren’t your customers about them? Well, firstly you can promote them on your social media feeds, you can also have a section on your website dedicated to your testimonials. Some free listing websites even let you add reviews you’ve collected.


Personally, I think the best way to collect and promote your reviews is to find a selection of happy customers who will let you film them. A short video review from a genuine customer can be worth its weight in gold, even better by uploading it to You Tube you’re putting it onto the world’s second most searched website for other people to find and see how good you are! From here you can put the links from the video onto Twitter, Facebook and your blog (read part one about blogging).


Collecting reviews certainly isn’t going to transform your business into a huge success, but it’s part of the big marketing ‘cake’ that will make your business much tastier to your prospects and existing customers. Make a difference to your business!


Thanks for reading, for any marketing advice and help in Hertford, please give me a call on 01992 400099 and we’ll be happy to help!

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