Hertford - A History
19th June 2010
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Hertford - A History


Here is a piece written by the Marquess of Salisbury in 1975:


''Hertford is one the oldest inhabited places in the county.  People lived there before the beginning of recorded history.  Why it came into being we shall probably never know, but from the earliest times, it has been a place of importance.  It was the venue for the Synod to which it gave its name, and which established the future of Christianity in this country.  Later, its castle was to control the area north of London, making it the key point during the turbulence of the Middle Ages.  Latterly, it has played its part as the county town, and has retained its importance to the present.

     The town has also retained its character, as it nestles beneath the castle walls, although it has nonetheless moved with the times.  Side by side with the ancient houses in the old streets are newer buildings, supermarkets, car parks, new schools, and standing above it, County Hall - as important now in its own way as was the castle in its heyday.

     Hertford is steeped in history, and there is much to tell about its past: both about what happened here, how it grew, and about its streets and buildings.'' 



This is what this new blog series aims to tell, over the coming weeks you can read regular posts about Hertford and its history.


Additionally, if you want to add to this subject, or create your own, then feel free - this is your site.

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