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4th July 2016
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We have recently expanded our horizons with a brand new service in store.  As always we take our customers need’s very seriously and we had a number of customers approach us who had recently lost a loved one. At a tough time in life it was essential that their memory be kept alive and for this reason we have introduced Heart In Diamond in our Hertford store.

The process uses Ashes or Hair to grow a diamond in a High Pressure High Temperature Machine. The machine creates an artificial environment mimicking the pressure in which natural diamonds grow in around 2000 degrees of heat in the Earth’s crust. Once the diamond has been grown over a period of 4 months the diamond is cut and polished to specification. The diamond can then be mounted in store.

Diamonds can be created from natural materials that contain carbon and is not limited to humans. Pets can also be celebrated.

It’s not a process for all, but if you do wish to celebrate a loved one’s life, there is no better way that with a diamond that will last you forever.

For more information visit us in store at: 15 Market Place, Hertford, SG14 1DQ or call us on: 01992 534555.

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