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4th August 2021
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Hello perfume and cosmetics lover! Hope you’re enjoying the summer with family and friends, even when it’s raining. Think of all those puddles you can jump in! (You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy doing that!)

Are you an Olympics fan? I’m loving it. Of course I’m hoping everyone stays safe, but pleased to see competitors from around the world going all out to achieve their dreams. It certainly lifts my spirits.

The Olympics have got me thinking about some of my favourites from FM’s collection – and I make no apologies for tying them into the Olympic medals theme! Bronze, silver and gold remind me of warmth and luxury, with a cool touch. Colours can be sparkly and shiny, or muted, to cater for many moods and occasions.

Here are a few of my favourites. (Please humour me!)


Long-lasting Sparkle Cream Eyeshadows – medal winners to me for their non-flaky, intense and consistent performance. In (close to) medal colours of Copper Grace, Ice Palace and Golden Treasure.
Retail price £19.00 each.

Golden Shine Plump Effect Chilli Lip Gloss – hot stuff with chilli pepper extract. Dazzle and shine and put the opposition in the shade.
Retail price £15.50

Pure Royal 500 Golden Edition perfume – sophisticated and classy with long lasting performance for both the guys and gals.
Head notes: angelica, saffron, lime, galbanum, lime zest, mandarin
Heart notes: jasmine, heliotropium, myhrr, carrot, iris
Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, labdanum, oakmoss, leather, Haitian vetiver, musk
Retail price £34.00 for 50ml (20% perfume content)

Gold Regenisis Shimmering Body Oil – with gold particles for a winning formula, including sweet almond oil to improve skin flexibility, plus vitamin C to help slow the ageing process.


Moondust eye shadow – shiny and long lasting, from FM’s mix and match palette range of winning colours and combinations. Create your own winning team, perhaps with Golden Rule or Copper Goddess eye shadows and Golden Tan powder?
Retail prices start from £8.50 for a small magnetic palette
Eye shadow palette inserts £6.50 each
Powder inserts £11.50


Alaya Luminous Bronzing palette – to make your skin look more healthy and radiant through action-packed or rest days. Vegan friendly and in an elegant compact with a mirror to check you’re looking in top condition.
Retail price £36.00

Cinnamon Roll bronzing-highlighting powder – from the mix and match palette range. Does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe through high performance or team bonding days.
Retail prices start from £8.50 for a small magnetic palette
Powder inserts £11.50

Medal winners always have a photo call, so do check out the header photo and see why I voted for them! These medal winners are also featured in my catalogues at: BP catalogues 1 & 2 PDF downloads
Most of my medal winners have risen to the top in catalogue 2, but my bronze medal winner from the Alaya collection makes a high performance appearance in catalogue 1. Click on the + button next to the product code number for a link to the product in my online shop.

If you love my medal choices, or have found a winning combination of your own, how about celebrating the joy of the Olympics with me with a medal winning offer?

Create your medal winning team of top performing products to a retail value of £60 or more and delivery costs will be waived (T&C apply). Just let me know your hot tip choices and they’ll be racing over to you a.s.a.p.

Contact me at to finalise the deal.

Furthermore, until the last Olympic medal is won on Sunday 8th August, if Team GB win a total of 60 medals or more, I’ll add another of my personal favourites, in shiny gold casing! Check out our Legendary Full HD Lashes Mascara, with a retail price of £15.00!

Then look out for more offers to celebrate our fabulous Paralympians. What a summer ahead of us!

Prefer to order direct? Go to and have your choices couriered direct to your door. Just click the ‘Go To Webshop’ button and enjoy filling your shopping basket. (The offer above does not apply here – sorry!)

Prefer to order direct at ‘Shopping Club’ prices? Go to and click on the ‘Join Us’ button. Create your account and benefit from Business Partner prices. Separate special offers are available when you register as a Business Partner.

Any questions, just contact me at and I’m happy to help.

I’m off to watch today’s Olympic highlights. Maybe I’ll get caught up again in the late night excitement of a new Olympic day starting in Japan!

Whether or not you’re doing the same, stay safe and enjoy your summer.

With very best wishes,
07815 767077

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