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4th July 2022
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With so many fragrances to choose from, it’s no wonder that many of you are struggling to choose the right one for you. Fashion and trends, well advertised and celebrity endorsed, can sway any of us towards something that looks and sounds good – but does it suit us and would we continue to wear it after the first try?

I’m often asked questions like:

What’s a ‘fragrance family’?
The fragrance industry classifies its fragrances into groups, which can help you to home in on the ‘family’ where you’re most likely to find a fragrance which will make you happy. These include:
Floral – think of bouquets. If you were choosing a bouquet of flowers, which scents make you happy? Roses, gardenia, jasmine, gardenia…………….?
Fougere – which means ‘fern’ and appeals to those who like the forest, grassy and herbal scents.
Citrus – orange, lemon, lime? How refreshing these can be!
Oriental – think of the far East and exotic holidays! Sweet scents mix with smoky notes. Fabulous!
Chypre – woody and herbal earthy. Definitely attracting attention. Is that you?
Woody – the warm and deep notes, mixed with elegant and sophisticated notes used way back in ancient times, such as resin and forest scents. Sometimes the ancient ways are best!

How do I know which fragrances are in which ‘family’?
This can certainly be confusing. The celebrity endorsed adverts paint a picture, but do not often give you the ‘family’ clues. Of course you can search online and find the ‘ingredients’ of many of the endorsed and advertised fragrances. This could be great if you know what you’re looking for. Alternatively, it could be a long and fruitless process if you still have no idea what’s right for you.

Is there a better way?
Quite probably!

What if you had a favourite ‘ingredient’ (or fragrance note) and someone could suggest fragrances for you to try which contain it? Or, what if you ‘quite liked’ a fragrance but felt it was not quite right? Would you like alternative suggestions from the same ‘family’?

Yes, this is perfectly possible – and very affordable!

How do I find out more?
Just contact me and I’ll explain how it works.

Looking forward to chatting soon.

Find a fragrance to make YOU happy at Perfume Flair.
07815 767077 (please leave a message if I cannot pick up straight away)

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