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20th July 2011
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Ware To Do Business 19th July 2011


A bright morning greeted us this fair Tuesday. No rain, well it is summer apparently.

Today’s meeting had the promise of something special and it did not disappoint.

It was very well attended after some prominent advertising and so many regulars were there and many new faces too.


We kicked off bang on time with an introduction from our Chair. She had invited Michael McGrath to speak to us today and she told us a little about him before we got underway with our 60 seconds.


As in most networking meetings, everyone gets a minute to promote their business, after all, that’s the reason we get up so early for these breakfast meetings! Some did 60 seconds, some did less and I’m sure there were a few who went over their allotted minute, however it was quick, business like, interesting and finished by 8am.


And so breakfast was served and the room started buzzing with chat.


When all was eaten, Kimberly made a more formal introduction to Michael McGrath and told us a little of his story.

Now, I’m not going to write word for word what was said here, I would not do it justice. However, this very amiable, approachable man has done many things in life, one of them being to not only survive but to thrive while living with Muscular Dystrophy. 


At 12 years old his dream was to become a professional golfer. As he got older his dream was to become general manager of the Savoy hotel and he was offered an opportunity to take part in their 5 year training programme. He turned it down to pursue other avenues that would stand him in good stead in later years. By the time he was 19 he had been diagnosed with muscular Dystrophy, a progressive muscle wasting disease that remains the biggest genetic killer of Children in our world.


Nearly 25 years on from then, Michael’s life is devoted to raising awareness and funds for children living with this disease. Many of whom will not reach their 20’s.


He is in regular demand as a motivational and inspirational speaker as well as running his own consultancy practice.


Inspired by Ernest Shackleton, he led an expedition 90° North – to the North Pole. It was of course no mean feat for him. At -47° he still managed to walk a few kilometres to the pole itself and planted a Union Flag there. 

He talked of the importance of good planning and was delighted that his team had brought a bottle of whisky to celebrate; whisky will not freeze at those temperatures, unlike the Champagne the Russian pilots had brought along!!


Two years later, he decided to lead an expedition to the South Pole, 90° South. He made history as the first and currently only disabled person in the world to have successfully led expeditions pole to pole. 


This is not all that Michael has achieved, he is “Chief Muscle Warrior” (or CEO) of the UK registered Charity The Muscle Help Foundation. This charity delivers “Muscle Dreams” to the 75,000 young people in the UK affected by Muscular Dystrophy.


I cannot list the successful Muscle Dreams here, they are numerous and amazing, made possible by business people, sports celebrities, local businesses and a variety of fund raising.

Check out the websites below to read more.


However this allows me nicely to highlight some events that you can become involved in.


This Sunday (24th July) at Haileybury School there is a 5k and 10k run and for those who don’t want to be that energetic and yet join in the experience, there is a 1k Superhero fancy dress toddle!!! 


Other events include “GRIM” on 3rd December which is an 8 mile challenge run/walk.


Also in July 2012 there will be the world’s first Peddlo World Championships…………….one not to be missed I would say.


Details of all these events and how you can get involved can be found at




To find out more about Michael McGrath go here:




All in all an inspirational meeting that proves if you really want something, you can make it happen. Michael’s daughter thinks he has lost the plot because he has 8 clocks in his office. He doesn’t want to let a minute go past. He has 4 principals that he lives his life by:





Personal Accountability


It is clear that this man really does live his life this way and we can all learn and achieve by applying these principals to our own lives.


And so our meeting came to a close. We didn’t forget to round up with some referrals and testimonials, which just back up the team work and support of Ware To Do Business.


Next meeting is Tuesday 2nd August; hope to see you there ;)



This blog has been kindly written by colleague and business member to The Best Of Hertford, Barbara Murrell of 4 Elements Global.  Take a look at Barbaras feature here.


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