Evron - The Twin Town Of Hertford
22nd August 2010
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Welcome to Hertford’s twin town, Evron in France.


Hertford and Evron (Evron's emblem is shown right)  have been twinned for 30 years now, following an initiative after World War 2 to bring peace and goodwill to Europe’s towns.


Evron is located in the Mayenne district of France between southern Normandy and the Loire valley and is not far Le Mans, Tours and Laval.  It’s exports are famous around the world, especially on these shores with the notable products Babybel and Laughing Cow cheeses.  So it comes as no surprise that Evron’s major source of income for its economy is agriculture and light industry.  This leads to Evron’s notoriety in France as the place where the famous Festival de la Viande (which is a huge agricultural event) is held on the first week of September.


Like Hertford, Evron has ancient links to the past with a recently renovated medieval basilica which acts as the town’s main church, parts of this building date back to the 10th century.  In addition the well preserved remains of the Roman town of Jublains are nearby.


It’s nice to be linked to other towns around the world, it brings a sense of unity.  I can certainly remember when we had exchange students from Evron come to our school, it opened our young eyes to other cultures and helped with learning difficult languages.  Hopefully we will see another 30 years of linking with Evron, here’s to it!

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