Ever wondered what happens at a business networking meeting?
7th July 2011
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 As we gathered this morning bright and early it was nice to be back at WTDB. It’s nice to be with like-minded people from all walks of life. The first thing that struck me this morning is just how friendly it is.

One of our regulars and member had brought along a colleague his company works with. She was already chatting away to a different member and being made to feel welcome.

She told me that she had been to another networking meeting that begins with B and doesn’t end in I and was scared silly by its rigidity. Well none of that this morning. There was plenty of banter and smiles as we gathered ready for the start.

This week was the first for Kimberly Mangleshot in the Chair. She kicked things off bang on time and she gave us a weather update for the day……………………I hope that continues, it was useful for me working outside today.

First up, a social event was announced. A September evening at the dogs is being arranged. A good way for our group to get to know each other on a deeper and different level. Let us know if you’d like to come along and we’ll sort out the dates.

Next we started on our 60 seconds. Kimberly has a water bottle to wave if you stray over your allotted time. If it hits you, you’ve gone WAAAAY over time. Don’t worry though, it is empty!

We finished bang on breakfast time. The queue was slow though as people were chatting too much.

After breakfast Kimberly shifted us around so that we started talking with someone from a different table. More noise and chatter ensued, interesting conversations abounded and business was done.

Even though there was general chit chat, many did talk business and made referrals for each other.

We finished off with testimonials; it really is amazing how much business is done amongst the group. The friendships and strong bonds are made here each fortnight to secure trust in each other’s offerings.

And so we arrived at the end of another lively, supportive and fun meeting. It really is worth getting up at some wonderfully early time in the morning for this. It’s a great start to the day.

If you've enjoyed what you've read and you'd like to join us, take a look at www.waretodobusiness.co.uk, pop onto thebook events page and you'll be able to save your seat and breakfast for our next meeting on the 19th July. Looking forward to meeting you.

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