Ella digs to Hertford
26th April 2010
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Hi people and dogs of Hertford!

Its Ella here!  Ralph has let me have free reign on the laptop, seeing as he had it to himself whilst I was sleeping the other day.

I dug the biggest hole in the garden last week and was so proud!  I spent ages digging.  I was very carful to choose the right spot, trying not to destroy too many plants.  I struggled to get around the stoney area, but once I got started I couldn't stop. 

I was digging for ages, it was so much fun and such a release - I completely forgot all of my worries.  All of my energy went into making that hole and it felt so good having all of the mud flying up behind me!

I don't think Robert felt as passionate about my digging though, he didn't even help me.  In fact, when he realised what I was doing he took me straight indoors.  Maybe he felt that I'd already done a good enough job.  Still, he didn't seem very impressed - I'll have to try to dig a bigger hole next time!

Later on, when Gemma got home, Rob showed her the hole and she laughed.  I couldn't believe it, all of that hard work digging and still no recognition for my hard work.  Will definately need to try harder next time.  However, I have noticed that I havn't really had the oppertunity to be outside by myself recently.  So I havn't had the chance to get started on my next hole.

I think Gemma must have been a little proud as she did take the time to take a photo of me next to my masterpiece.

Ralph was very impressed with my digging efforts, but didn't want to step too close to the hole, just in case he fell in!

Don't forget to keep up with our blogs, and I'll let you know about my next hole!



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