Earth Moves Across The Pond
24th August 2011
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The earth moves from across the pond


This Ware girl is visiting friends in the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania. A lovely place called Perkiomenville. There is a river that goes through here called the Perkiomen and it's named after a Native American tribe that lived here years ago. They were essentially farmers and integrated well with the German and Dutch settlers who came to this part of the world. That was of course a good thing in one way, as there was no fighting. In another way, it diluted the bloodline as they mixed with the settlers and now there are none left in a pure sense. I am very glad that their name still exists in the area.


Before Hurricane Irene hits the show somewhere between New Jersey and New York on Sunday the weather has been lovely. We thought we'd take the opportunity to go to the seaside for the day.

It was good to dip my toes in the other side of the Atlantic, a much warmer experience on this side of that little pond!!!


Whilst sitting on my beach chair reading, I was aware of my chair moving. At first I thought it was the wind rattling it, then I remembered that I was not in England and it wasn't that windy. I thought a child maybe was playing with my chair and rocking it back and forth. I looked up from my book to see behind me and I saw a whole host of puzzled faces doing the same thing.

Following that a sense of the earth moving in a wave like fashion came over me. It was very subtle, an energy, a pulsing. I imagined that the sand was moving like the water. And then it stopped.

Probably no more than 30 seconds in all and yet it felt much longer.


A woman nearby from California started panicking and calling her kids out of the water, they were gone very soon after that. The cell phone system was jammed and no one could make any calls, which made us think it was something big. A child of about 12 said in a low voice “2012 is early” which made us laugh.


Lots of people packed up and left fearing a Tsunami and the water did look a little strange. I think it was because it was exactly at the turn of the tide. My friend and I sat looking, wondering, experiencing. I wondered if I should call my Mum.


As you've probably heard it was an earthquake somewhere between Virginia and Washington DC.

No one was hurt, a few buildings suffered a little damage, but generally all is well.

Apparently on the news they said the type of plate that we are on here means the movement is felt very very wide and I know that it was felt in Colorado and right down to the Carolinas. That's probably a better thing than the intense earthquake in other areas where the movement is very concentrated.


I feel blessed to have been able to feel the earth move that way. It was an energy thing as well as a physical thing. This earth is so powerful, so masterful, so beautiful. There is nothing we can do to master it and probably that's our lesson. To get back to understanding it, working with it, respecting it. She will always be stronger than us and she will move and shift as she needs to to keep in balance. Thank you mother earth for that gift to me today.

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