Duel Carriageways
4th January 2016
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There has recently been speculation in the media about changing the national speed limit for motorways. Some have argued for an increase and some for a decrease in the limit. Either way what I find absurd is the national speed limit for motorways and dual carriageways is the same.

Motorways are specifically designed for vehicles to travel at speed safely for long distances. The main hazards occur where traffic leaves and joins, when changing lanes and in keeping a safe distance.

Dual Carriageways which are defined as any road with one or more lanes where  opposing flows of traffic are separated by a physical barrier have all the hazards of a motorway plus junctions, crossroads, roundabouts, pedestrians, pedestrian crossings, lay bys, footpaths and often poorer road surfaces, I could name more.

So instead of people being concerned about the 70 mph speed limit on motorways which statistically are the safest roads despite the average speed seeming to be around 80mph, what I think we should be doing in the interest of road safety is campaigning to reduce the national speed limit for dual carriageways.

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