Does your business need video? Part 3
8th December 2014
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People. We are a complex species and crave reassurance. A current trend at the moment are ‘How it works’ videos. It’s a pretty self explanatory genre but one that seems to be on the rise. A recent study carried out by VideoRascal reported that 85% of people were more likely to purchase an item if it was partnered with a ‘How it works video’ you’ll agree that’s quite a good return on a video you only have to pay to be made once. These types of videos are so popular because they only have to be short in length and can be animated, live action, or narration over pictures, it’s a really diverse and effective solution which holds the viewer's attention for just long enough.

One last thing which really resonates with us. How much value do you put on your products and services? Would you buy them, would you be happy for your friends and family to buy / use them? If you really believe what you offer is top notch then shouldn’t your marketing reflect this? In this case it’s not all about the cost, yes there is a cost and you may think it is quite expensive at first but if you look at the bigger picture there are many more long term benefits like the ones mentioned but you also start to build a rich bank of digital content which adds value to the product, to the site and to the company, sometimes perception can be very important. More often than not, the most effective videos are done in the most simplistic way which is true for many things emphasising the point it’s not all about budget but more the idea & concept and those are free. 

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