Cuddly toy or great service?
2nd April 2012
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It seems that when you put the radio or tv on these days all you hear is insurance comparison websites advertising with their jingles.  Each comparison site is offering the same thing:


•    Cheap deals on insurance.  Simples.


In order to entice you to use their system for these cheap deals they are now offering nectar points and even cuddly toys for using their services.
For something as important as insurance it does make you wonder if using companies that offer such gimmicks is really a sensible thing to do at all.  There are lots of great insurance options out there which offer a far greater and more expert service than these comparison sites can ever imagine, and one of these is the South East’s most loved insurance  broker, Ashbourne Insurance.  Here are a few reasons to use an independent broker like Ashbourne:


•    Buying local: Ashbourne Insurance is a local business who has been in Hertfordshire  for over 30 years.  They employ local professionals and place an emphasis on employing and training the local youth who are willing to work and better their opportunities.


•    Changing your boiler: Would you attempt to change your boiler?  Ok, you would if you were a plumber!  But if you aren’t you probably wouldn’t know where to start, it could lead to potentially devastating consequences should you do something wrong.  It’s the same with insurance.  The problem with comparison sites is the fact that they leave you to be the expert.  Entering something wrong in the system makes your insurance invalid.  If you have a bad accident that is caused by you and something isn’t right with your insurance, then your Insurers will find out and not pay out.  Leaving you with nothing.  This could mean not being able to get to work or even drive again simply because you didn’t know exactly what to put into the system.


•    Asking the right questions:  Questions are a great way to find things out.  A common insurance mistake is to enter into the box – ‘social domestic and pleasure  use only’ for car insurance.  So that means throughout that policy you can never use that vehicle for driving at work unless you make a change to the policy.  Think about it, if the insurance company can avoid paying out then they most certainly will!  Using a broker like Ashbourne will mean they ask you questions such as – ‘Will you ever need to use this vehicle during a working day?  Not even for meetings?  Not even for a quick delivery when there’s no one else around to do it?’  These additions may not even make a difference to the price but they will ensure you’re properly covered for your requirements.


•    Any problems, just ask:  That’s right, a local broker like Ashbourne have a community of tight knit staff that deal with their customers from start of policy through to renewal.  This leaves the customer with someone they can go to for any questions to do with their policy.  It’s a personal service, just genuine warmth in the form of great customer service.

There’s loads of other reasons to think about using a local broker such as Ashbourne, just give them a call  and you’ll experience great service and professional advice  from the minute they answer the phone, you can even pop in for a chat!  You won’t get a cuddly toy or nectar points, but if you end up in a situation where your insurance doesn’t pay out because it was left to you to be the expert then a cuddly toy won’t be much comfort.


For more information please call the South East’s officially most loved insurance broker, Ashbourne Insurance as voted for by their many happy customers  on 01992 827103 or visit their feature right here on thebestof Hertford by clicking here and watch their brilliant ‘budget vs broker video’.

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