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29th March 2016
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We often find that people hold on to their treasures for the sake of wonderful memories, in the case of jewellery most people will remember the time when Granny used to wear her ring or her string of pearls on a daily basis and us ladies used to love it even when we were toddlers. 

Our love for jewellery grows fonder as we get older until a time comes where we inherit the piece and feel a bit strange to do anything with it that suits our taste. It is often still loved but cast aside to keep safe.

Christening gifts are a whole different story! They often come in form of a piece of silver wear that is too precious to crack a runny egg with or to drink from and so they are kept “safe” from the moment they are received.

We recently had a lady in store who had received a silver cup for her Christening as a child, it had tarnished and was unused but still treasured. She longed for a piece of jewellery that could be worn every day, something a little quirky and from this came the Christening Cup Bangle! 

With a trim here and there and the adding of an edge so it was not sharp and raw on her wrist the bangle was created. We think it’s a lovely idea for those who have some precious silver wear that never gets used, after all, how often is it we enjoy a glass of wine from a silver cup?

Should you have any ideas about changing your precious pieces into jewellery please pop by, we are only too happy to help with design and bring your ideas to life.

For more information call us on: 01992 534555 or visit us in store at: 15 Market Place, Hertford, SG14 1DG.

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