Chestnut Vets Advent Calender
12th December 2011
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The staff at The Chestnut Veterinary Group has once again put together their very own advent calender.  The calender is displayed on the waiting room wall at the Hoe Lane branch in Ware and it contains some of the memorable cases that the staff have seen over the past year.  Each case is featured behind a separate door of the calender, with 5 of the doors hiding a picture of Chestnut Vet’s practice cat, Scooter!  Each day a client is asked to open the relevant door and if they find a picture of Scooter they win a prize!

So far the cases seen on the calender have featured Lilly, a dog who ate a small ball which got stuck and required surgery to remove it,  Cleo, a cat who had surgery to remove an over active thyroid gland and Eddie a cat who broke his jaw after being hit by a car.  Another case featured on the calender was Jake, a dog who was referred to Chestnuts as he had been coughing for a while.  The vets and nurses used a long camera, called an endoscope to look into Jake’s lungs and found an ear of wheat lodged!  This was carefully removed and Jake made a full recovery.

Doug, a Labrador puppy, also appeared on the calender.  He had an intussusception, where a piece of his bowel had telescoped inside itself and required surgical correction. 
Myouk is a dog who has received acupuncture sessions at Chestnut Vets in Hertford, to help with his mobility, and Jack is a dog who had a ruptured cruciate ligament that required surgery.

To read more about these memorable cases seen at Chestnut Vets over the past year, have a look at the advent calender at Hoe Lane, or click on this link.

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