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19th December 2011
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Staff at the Chestnut Veterinary Group in Hertford and Ware has put together a wonderful advent calendar, featuring all of the memorable cases seen over the past year.  Each door covers a photo and the story of a memorable case from 2011, with some doors hiding a picture of Scooter, the practice cat.


The calendar is on the wall in reception at Chestnut Vets in Hoe Lane, Ware, and every day a client is asked to open the relevant door.  If a picture of Scooter is found the client wins a prize!!


Recent cases seen behind the doors of the calendar include Percy, a cat who had a blocked bladder and required an emergency procedure to unblock the bladder and have a urinary catheter placed for a few days to drain the bladder.


Jessica featured behind the door dated 11th December.  She is a rabbit who belongs to one of Chestnut’s nurses who has a hole in her heart but required surgery to remove an abscess.  This was a risky procedure due to Jessica’s heart, but the procedure was a success and Jessica made a full recovery.


Sylvie featured on the calendar as she had a chest and throat infection.  She was all bunged up and couldn’t smell so wasn’t eating anything.  She had to have a feeding tube inserted into her oesophagus so that the nurses and owners could feed her, which she accepted very well and has now recovered.


Millie is a special Springer Spaniel who suffers from both liver problems and a condition that destroys her own red blood cells called IMHA.  Millie has been on a lot of medication to control these conditions, as well as having regular checkups and blood tests.  She is currently doing very well.


Brucie featured on the calendar on 15th December as he broke one of his back legs in an accident and had to have a piece of bone from the top of his leg removed.  Brucie made a full recovery and is walking around and back to his normal adventures.


Queenie is a Pug who was pregnant this year but needed a Caesarean as her puppies were quite big and she couldn't deliver them naturally.  She had five very cute puppies, which resulted in a full theatre of vets and nurses helping out with the procedure.  Queenie recovered from her anaesthetic quickly and was soon able to take over the care of her puppies at home.


Bailey is a regular visitor to Chestnut Vets as she suffers from diabetes and dry eye, which requires regular checkups and blood tests.  Bailey's owners have to administer insulin and eye drops twice daily, which Bailey tolerates very well.


To take a look at these cases in more detail visit the Chestnut Veterinary Group in Hoe Lane or click on this link. 

For any advice on the care of your pet, call Chestnut Vets on 01920 468874, and don’t forget to mention that you’ve seen them on thebestof Hertford.

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