Case study: How a business owner acquired 600 new customers
5th November 2018
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Meet Onkar Singh, Indian restaurant owner. Onkar has had some huge success with advertising on Facebook by applying some proven marketing techniques to get people in the door, spending money, and talking about what he does.

Onkar is a clever chap. He knows that once he gets people into his restaurant, he can keep them coming back again and again. You see, when a new customer eats at Onkar’s place, he always gives them the opportunity to leave their contact details so he can send them mail, call them on the phone, email them or say ‘happy birthday!’ on that special day.

So, all that’s left is to get people into his restaurant. Here’s what he did recently to get a ton of new customers: “I logged onto Facebook and used a ‘buy one get one free’ offer to attract people to click through to my website. Once they were there, they could book a table through my system, but not before they had filled out the web form with all their details.”

Onkar had 1,300 people claim the offer in total, 120 comments on the post (most of them tagging their friends) and 140 shares, but the most important figure here is 600 – the amount of new customers he has acquired.

Through his hard work and nous, Onkar has managed to grow his restaurant business by 300% this year. He says: “If Facebook was a person, I’d marry it. It’s been that good for me!”

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