Can guys really wear ‘parfum’?
31st May 2021
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Hello perfume lovers!

In short, yes, of course guys can wear ‘parfum’ and have been doing so for centuries! ‘Parfum’ is simply a more concentrated form of eau de parfum (EDP) and eau de toilette (EDT) – the classification should easily be seen on the bottle and packaging.

Historically, fragrances were unisex and not classified as ‘for men’ or ‘for women’. Indeed, some men find their preferred fragrance in the ‘women’s section’ and some women find theirs in the ‘men’s section’.

In February’s blog, Making Sense of Scents, I explained that we each have our own skin chemistry which means that a fragrance which works well for one person may smell awful on someone else. We can have fun finding out what works best for us – as well as what doesn’t!

With Father’s Day approaching on 20th June, I thought the guys deserved some recognition as ‘parfum’ wearers. They like their fragrances to have staying power, just as much as we do!

So why are men’s fragrances normally only EDP or EDT?
Fragrances are made up of combinations of different fragrance ‘notes’. These evaporate into the air when the fragrance is sprayed, but the ‘base notes’ stay on the skin and are the ones which can last for several hours. This is why they need to work well for us on our skin.

Sometimes, the fragrance notes can be quite strong and a bit overpowering, so some can work better if diluted a bit further. However, perfume compositions can be quite expensive. When the designer packaging, celebrity endorsements and advertising costs are factored in, it becomes apparent that the brand costs can be recouped more easily and greater profit made if the perfume concentration is lowered. So, both men and women have become used to wearing lower fragrance concentrations. But there are many cries from both men and women that their chosen fragrance has little staying power.

So which types of fragrance composition should men wear?
In short, whichever suits them best! However, the market focuses our attention on brands for men and brands for women. This makes sense in order to reach a target audience.

‘Men’s’ fragrances are generally created and classified according to industry fragrance groups, such as wood, oriental, citrus, chypre etc. However, the edges can be ‘blurred’ so that oriental with a woody note may be more suitable than either wood or oriental.

Unisex fragrances use the same family groups but will typically introduce a higher floral element. ‘Genderless’ fragrances are increasingly popular going from 2020 to 2021.

What are the favourite ‘men’s fragrance notes this season?
Most fragrance notes are used in ongoing seasons, but mixed with a different ‘twist’.

Head and heart notes (the ones which evaporate before the longer lasting base notes) have typically included a variety of fruits. Recent favourites and newer compositions have mixed these with notes such as:
Cinnamon, chilli, black pepper, cardamom, ginger, almond, coriander, rosemary, bergamot.

Base notes have typically included notes such as:
Musk, moss, leather, patchouli and various woods.
Tobacco, vanilla, vetiver, amber, ambergris feature strongly in newer favourites.

Do FM World perfumes feature these trends?
Yes, FM World follows the fragrance trends, as well as retaining many traditional favourites. As FM World sources compositions directly from DROM, as do many endorsed brands, FM can source both traditional and newer compositions which are branded under FM’s Pure and Pure Royal ranges.

With many perfumes to choose from, it is best to have a ‘consultation’ to identify which best suits the wearer. We have samples of each so you can try before you buy.

Do take a look at our full range via our catalogue links:

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So, can guys really wear ‘parfum’?
Again, a definite yes! Guys who choose the right perfume / parfum for them can proudly ‘own’ their parfum – rather than hide behind the wrong choice.

Do please contact me to find out more and to arrange a free initial consultation. FM World perfumes are making an impact for their high quality and amazing prices.

Great quality need not break the budget! We are all worth it.

Always happy to help.
Pam Charman
07815 767077

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