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4th November 2020
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Perfume lovers, Christmas is approaching fast and budgets are increasingly stretched!

So, here’s an offer designed to make you smile and give you some inspirational gift ideas for you and your loved ones.

Throughout November 2020, I’m offering buy one and get one half price on FM’s PURE and PURE ROYAL 50ml ranges, with free delivery within the Best of Hertford and Ware area.

PURE and PURE ROYAL have 20% perfume content, so greater staying power than the eau de parfum and eau de toilette that many of us are more used to. Our perfumes are sourced directly from DROM, a major perfume house which also supplies many well known endorsed brands.

FM catalogue 33 has just been launched, so check out the fragrance compositions for PURE and PURE ROYAL at:

Looking for even greater luxury compositions? Check out UTIQUE at: 

Direct links from the catalogue to my online shop will become available in November.


My PURE and PURE ROYAL offers can be both female fragrances, both male fragrances, or one of each. PURE ROYAL also has unisex fragrance compositions. Plenty to choose from.

Not sure what may suit you? Perfectly understandable. Perfume samples are available to try and CoVID-safe consultations are also currently possible. I have many favourites in stock and new catalogue 33 fragrances will be available soon. If you have favourite fragrances, do let me know and I will suggest options from the same fragrance family groups, used by all major fragrance brands.

50ml PURE perfume rrp is £16.90, so buy 2 in November 2020 for £25.35.
50ml PURE ROYAL perfume rrp is £26.50, so buy 2 in November 2020 for £39.75.

Bank transfer in advance of delivery please.

My contact details are:
Pam Charman
07815 767077

Please leave me a message and I look forward to chatting soon.

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