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6th July 2015
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Do you love networking for your business?   

Or maybe you hate it with an intensity otherwise reserved for Beelzebub and his host of demonic beings, but still go because you feel you have to?  

Perhaps you haven't yet dipped your toe in any networking ponds yet as it's not something that is 'you'?  After all everyone knows it's full of dreadful people trying to sell and don't you just hate that?


Sounds familiar?  

Well welcome to how everyone feels at some point about networking. Most people who go networking have felt like that as they had all sorts of preconceptions about what it would be like.

However, even the most ardent supporter of the 'networking isn't for me' group has found that  Business Buzz is nothing like they expected.  Instead it's an easy, low-key informal type of networking which is becoming increasingly popular and here's six reasons why:

  1. You don't need to book just drop in between 10am and 12pm as it suits you.
  2. There's no membership fee.
  3. There's no one minute pitch to worry about.
  4. No need to think of something clever to say, people will ask what you do, just be interested in them and their business and you never know where it will lead.
  5. It's low cost, just £5 on the door.
  6. The people who come to Buzz are just like you, they have their own business which they want other people to know about without doing a 'selling' job on them.
  7. Bonus reason: You don't have to bring leads, just yourself, business cards and a friendly smile.

Now in 9 locations mostly around Hertfordshire, there is a group near you:

All the groups run along the same lines and there is always a good 'buzz' in the room although they do all have a different feel to each of them.  Also, the number of attendees varies between locations and of course the time of year but don't be put off because there are a lot of attendees or not many people at a particular group as there are advantages to both.

We have the delightful task of hosting the Hertford Business Buzz and it truly is a fun thing to do.  We have the opportunity to meet on average 40 lovely people every month a good number of whom are now regulars who we miss when they can't make it.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that you couldn't possibly walk into a room of 40+ people and join in a group already talking because we are just inside the door ready to welcome you and we will introduce you to a small group if that is helpful to you.

Come along and be pleasantly surprised at how friendly and welcoming everyone is I can almost guarantee that you'll return!

Our next meeting is next Tuesday, 14th July 2015 at the Mercury offices along Ware Road, we'd love to meet you there.

Tip: Bring lots of business cards and a friendly smile, then you won't scare people away from talking with you as they are probably more apprehensive about networking than you.

Oh and one other thing... just because the meetings are informal, business is still won – often!

Give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions, otherwise we hope to see you soon at the Hertford Business Buzz.

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