Brilliant putting tip from The Hertfordshire
8th September 2011
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Welcome to the Hertford blog.


Courtesy of brilliant thebestof Hertford business, The Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club we have quite possibly the best tip to improve your putting skills while out on the course.


There’s loads of tips out there that can do more harm than good to an amateur golfers game, but this is one to treasure, use and keep!


When you next line up your putt, take some time and get comfortable, then on the backswing keep your eyes fastened to the ball.  Once you hit the ball continue staring at the spot the ball was on, don’t move your eyes at all until you hear it drop!


The problem is most golfers avert their gaze towards the hole  on their backswing.  They don’t know they’re doing it, and what follows is the shoulders tend to push the shot around and the short putt that should be easy scoots past the hole.  By keeping the eyes firmly fixed to the ball and then to the spot where the ball was after it’s hit, it will keep this shoulder movement to a minimum.


In fact this  could be applied to any shot that’s played.  Just try next time you’re on the course or at the range and see what this tip can do for your game!


Have you played at The Hertfordshire yet?  It’s beautiful 18 hole course has what’s regarded as the best last 6 holes of any course around.  So give it a go and marvel at this stunning golf course in the heart of Hertfordshire.  Give them a call on 01992 827074 or visit their feature on thebestof Hertford by clicking here.

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